Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wedding Journal

I got a call one day from a girl who wanted a book for wedding guests to write in to give marriage advice to a bride and groom.  I used soft sheep skin and lined it with handmade paper.  The pages are French Paper's aged newsprint and it's all sewn together with a single thread. It's symbolic of the marriage commitment.  The cover is like the husband, the pages can represent the wife and it's all held together with the cord of love.  Separately, they're not complete and breaking the thread would destroy the book. 

Bought a sewing machine

I needed a sewing machine to make the Moleskine cover so I bought this one made in Japan just after World War II. It says "Made in Occupied Japan" on the back. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Moore & Giles leather journal

I bought some Moore & Giles leather in an "ugly pack" and made this fun little journal using it. 

Moleskine cover. Leather and handmade

Got a commission to make a leather Moleskine cover and finished it this morning.